Staying in shape for a season of Live Shows

I added it up and over 7 gigs, I sang for a total of 21 hours this last week & drove for a total of 21 hours from Wednesday-Sunday.

For some musicians this may seem like rookie numbers, but half of these shows I was on my own, and for me, the numbers are huge. Two back to back shows on both Saturday and Sunday, Two-long 4 hours shows SOLO….and ending off on Sunday evening with a 4 hour gig behind the drums. Phewwww. You best believe I slept in come Monday.

I succeeded at not losing my voice (thanks to the 7+ gallons of water I consumed) and yeah, I’m gonna leave that up to chugging water & periodic vocal warmups on all those car drives. I’m ultimately proud of myself for paying attention to my body, what it needed, and taking care of myself. It made every gig that much more fun to know my body was keeping up with the performances.

Speaking of shows, I’ve got quite a few performances coming up! My calendar is filling up fast and I’m already booking shows into the new year. I’ll be playing around the Kansas City and surrounding areas solo, with my band The Swallowtails, and I’ll be on the road a bit traveling with Katy Guillen and the Drive as well as with Howard Mahan. You can check the “Shows” tab on my website for more info, tickets, etc!

There’s a lot to look forward to and I’ll be announcing a couple bigger shows that are coming up, as well as new merch AND music. Yes!! The end of 2023 is full of really, really fun announcements and I can’t wait to share.

Thank you so much for your support this year. My mantra has been: “When one door closes, 5 more open.” I’m riding a wave I’m throughly enjoying and I don’t hope to hop off anytime soon.

Much love,