What People Are Saying

“While the Swallowtails’ trademark blend of rock, pop, folk, classical, and jazz still defies generic labels, this album (The World Still Spins) is a louder and more rocking collection of songs. Those expecting a repeat of Right Where We Are will still thrill to the trio’s baroque instrumentation and tripartite vocal harmonies, of course, but the way in which guitarist and singer Miki P takes to the drum kit makes The World Still Spins something that hits a little harder.”

– The Pitch

“Miki P and the Swallowtails opened the show, and then Miki took their place for Stephonne’s set as their drummer and absolutely KILLED IT. We couldn’t turn away, this was most entertaining drummer we’ve seen since CHEW.”

– I Heart Local Music

“Don’t lose your Hope is exactly what my mind needed for the tail end of the pandemic and onward. The amount of emotion that Miki P managed to fit in a 6 song EP is kind of ridiculous. It’s full of beautiful guitar work, playful drumming, and of course Miki P’s beautiful voice. The harmonic textures are especially rich in “Sarah” – it gives me chills every time I listen. If you want a Joni Mitchell-esque experience then this is the EP for you.”

– Jake Hilger

“This is one perfect bedroom pop record which sounds so much bigger than having been recorded by one person in their home. I haven’t been so taken aback by the emotional heft of a pop record in ages, and the closing title track absolutely floored me.”

The Pitch

“Altogether the music flourishes right alongside you, growing into itself like a series of spring perennials. It teems with reasons to be, and in doing so, lends to mellow contemplation, meditating on the past for what it was and how precisely we got to life at present.”

Manor Records

“Miki P balances a consistent musical vocabulary with a desire to constantly grow and develop her sound. Her music, therefore, delivers precise technique and confidence with an explorative and emotional curiosity.”

– Art in the Loop