“Miki P’s voice is kind enough to squeeze your trembling hand, and strong enough to teach you to stand on your own.”

Emma Ottinger




Miki P is a songwriter with an astute ability to command any room she performs in. A natural talent paired alongside a drive to connect with others, Miki is a touring musician carrying on elements of rock & pop. Settled with a message resonating loud and clear to people from all walks of life through her imaginative, fun, and confessionally honest songwriting, Miki sings of love in all its forms.

Listeners have referred to Miki’s music as a nod to 70s rock songstresses such as Carole King, Stevie Nicks, and Karen Carpenter, combined with 90s-00s pop sensibilities spanning artists like Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, and Sheryl Crow. One review noting, “The accompaniment of Miki P’s voice is kind enough to squeeze your trembling hand, and strong enough to teach you to stand on your own. Altogether, the music flourishes right alongside you, growing into itself like a series of spring perennials.”

An inspired musician, Miki has a rare capability to not only be able to share her life experiences and lessons learned through her voice & lyrics, but also through every instrument she performs on. Always a student, she both performs and records on guitar, drums, percussion, piano, bass and ukulele.

Established in 2018, Miki P is a recording and performing artist born and raised in Kansas City. She has released 2 EP’s “Swallowtail” (2019), “Don’t lose your Hope” (2021), 3 full-length albums “Dome of Swallows” (2018), “Right Where We Are” (2020), “The World Still Spins” (2023), a handful of singles produced by herself, plus a YouTube page with 50+ videos encapsulating her musical journey over the years. You can find her performing in and around Kansas City regularly as a solo artist or with her band The Swallowtails, touring across the United States, and online everywhere at @mikipmusic and on Patreon. 

Current Musical Associations & Projects:

  • 2018-Present: Established solo act “Miki P”
    • Recorded Work: Songwriter/Musician on album “Dome of Swallows” (2018)
    • Songwriter/Musician on EP “Swallowtail” (2019)
    • Songwriter/Musician/Producer on EP “Don’t Lose your Hope” (2021)
    • Songwriter/Musician/Producer on single’s “Peter Parker” “Your Love” & “moonbow” (2022)
  • 2018-Present: Established band “Miki P & The Swallowtails”
    • Recorded Work: Songwriter/Guitar/Vocalist on album “Right Where We Are” (2020)
    • Songwriter/Drummer/Guitarist/Vocalist on album “The World Still Spins” (2023)
  • Freelance Bass Player in “Katy Guillen and the Drive”
  • Freelance Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals and Drummer with artist “Howard Mahan”

Past Associations

  • Recorded Collaboration with Wills Van Doorn (2023)
  • Recorded Collaboration with The Creepy Jingles (2022)
  • Freelance Drummer for artist “Sisterbot”
  • Freelance Drummer for artist “Lily B Moonflower”
  • Freelance Drummer for artist “Stephonne” 
  • Recorded Collaboration with Shawn M. Stewart (2021)
  • 2x World Orchestra Member with “ETHNO USA”
    • Recorded Work: TBA
  • 2012-2018: Drummer/Singer/Songwriter for band “American Slim”

Career Highlights have included:

  • Boulevardia Music Festival – Kansas City, MO
  • Leaf Global Arts Festival – Asheville, NC
  • Middle of the Map Fest – KCMO
  • John Hartford Memorial Festival – Springville, IN
  • Roots N Blues Festival – Columbia, MO
  • Crossroads Music Fest – KCMO
  • SXSW – Austin, TX
  • The Starlight – NOLA
  • Manor Fest – Kansas City, MO
  • Folk Alliance International Conference – NOLA + KCMO
  • Knuckleheads – KCMO
  • Kaw River Roots Festival – Lawrence, KS
  • Plaza Art Fair – Kansas City, MO
  • ETHNO music exchange program attendee (2021 + 2022) – Asheville, NC
  • Recording at Element Recording Studios – KCMO
  • Recording at Echo Mountain Recording Studios – Asheville, NC
  • Direct support for the Rainmakers
  • Direct support for Katy Guillen and the Drive
  • Direct support for The Grisly Hand

For booking inquires, contact booking@mikipmusic.rocks